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Welcome to Turn Based Life.

I’m MTBVibe, the turn based gaming enthusiast behind Turn Based Life and Turn Based Life Media. I’d like to welcome you to the site! I may not be the most skilled player of this genre around, but that does not lessen my enjoyment – and I want to share that enjoyment with everyone.

Here at Turn Based Life, we play turn based games (and games that are NOT turn based) on Twitch. That’s it! That’s all we do! And we is just me, right now!

It’s 2022 now, and we have a few goals for the year…we made all of our internal goals for 2021, so let’s keep on that pace!

Rather than spoil the goals, we want to highlight a few things we’re looking forward to in 2022:

*Second Half 2022: Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Our besties at Firaxis are making a turn-based Marvel game with XCOM genetics and card mechanics. This makes us unimaginably hype. Can’t wait!

*March 2022: Triangle Strategy

Square Enix is making a game and the screenshots make me think of Final Fantasy Tactics? Yeah, I think we’ll play that!

Stay tuned for more as we get into the meat of 2022!