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Welcome to Turn Based Life.

I’m MTBVibe, the turn based gaming enthusiast behind Turn Based Life and Turn Based Life Media. I’d like to welcome you to the site! I may not be the most skilled player of this genre around, but that does not lessen my enjoyment – and I want to share that enjoyment with everyone.

Here at Turn Based Life, we have some exciting and aspirational intentions for 2021. As you can see from this post, we have an active web presence for the first time in years and that’s just the start. Here are the ambitions we have for the next six months:

*February 2021: Turn Based Life: The Twitch Stream & Turn Based Life: The Twitch Stream: The Podcast

Starting February, I am going to inaugurate my presence on Twitch in a new, coherent, scheduled format. Weekly I am going to sit down with you as well as someone from my rolodex to play a turn based game while talking about turn based theory, live on stream. Then I’m going to drop that audio into a podcast, so that those of you who can’t make it to the usual bat-time and bat-channel can still enjoy the humorous banter that emerges.

*April 2021: Turn Based Life: The Playthrough

In April, I’m going to start a second set of pre-scheduled streams. These streams are going to be used to play a specific turn-based game, and I will only play that campaign on-stream. I already have a game in mind for the first target, but after that I’d like to get you involved in selecting what I play and how I play it.

*Q2/Q3 2021: Turn Based Life: The Radio Call-In Show

I grew up listening to the legendary Car Talk, on NPR – and I admired the hell out of Tom and Ray and their approach. I’d like to do the same thing, but with turn based games and without helpful solutions. What I mean is, if we can get my viewerbase up to the right levels, I want to talk to you – yes you! – and banter with you about difficulties you have encountered while playing games. We might not solve the problem, but together we’ll make fun of it: after all, it’s just a game.