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Twitch Chat Rules

There’s one rule: don’t be a dick.

Apparently this is a complicated ask for a lot of people though. What does it mean to “not be a dick”? It means behaving like a polite and well-mannered adult member of society. It means not behaving like a troll deliberately and continuously. (It’s ok if you’re periodically a troll tongue-in-cheek for a bit though! We LOVE bits here at Turn Based Life.)

It means respecting others and their choices and opinions – usually. If your opinions are hateful or harmful, you’ll be impolitely asked to leave with great dispatch. (I’ll hit you with the banhammer.)

It means thinking about what you are saying before you say it.

It means not harassing people – other community members, the streamer, or others.

It means caring about the people and community around you.

So don’t be a dick.